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Animated crocodile.  Remains at its spawn point, just under the surface, attacks if you get into the water, retreats back to spawn point if you leave the water.  It will automatically rise to the surface, so you don't need to worry about the height when you place it in your level.  The included script is for aquatic behaviour only, but the model includes some terrestrial animations, if you want to create your own script.   The script makes provision for an attack sound (not included).  I use a splashing sound, but whatever you use, name your sound crocodile.ogg and add to your audiobank-misc folder.
Has 2 LOD stages.



Product Details

Artist: Gtox
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Critters
Number of Sales: 4

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes

File Formats

DDS .dds
DirectX .x


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