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This script will make the player automatically reload his weapon when possible.

Must be applied to a dynamic entity that has always active enabled.

This script is designed for first-person games and may not work in 3rd person.


weapons guns auto reload auto reload ammo

Product Details

Artist: Teabone
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Misc
Number of Sales: 9

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes

File Formats

LUA .lua


Teabone Artist
13th Feb '19 04:35
By default most weapons in Game Guru will automatically reload once the current clip is empty. This script forces the player to attempt to reload at all times if the clip is not 100% full. What I could do if its, preferred is add a delay after the player fires the weapon, before a reload attempt is made.
9th Jan '19 20:09
Is there a way to make this only active when the weapon is actually empty? This keeps interrupting my shooting by reloading every time I let go of the trigger.

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