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Carnivorous Plants it contains :

3 Types of Plants       - 5890 polygons texture dns 1024x1024
1 shoot fireballs
1 shoots quills
1 close fights

1 fireball    - 48 polygons texture dns 512x512
1 aculeus     - 42 polygons texture dns 256x256
2 synchronized sound of the shot

Good for Fantasy/Adventure/Cartoon Games

Put the projectile in the mouth of the plant
To add a second plant, change the scripts in the properties to the character, and to the fireball/aculeus.

example second plant:
character: comandantepianta2.lua
aculeus: colpopianta2.lua

example second red plant:
character: comandantepiantafuoco2.lua
fireball: colpopiantafuoco2.lua

You can add endless plants by duplicating the 2 scripts to infinity.

the sale is for 3D models, there is no assistance on the scripts.
Tested on GameGuru 2018.11.26 November Update


carnivorous plant plant fantasy cartoon character

Product Details

Artist: lotgd
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Characters
Number of Objects: 5
Sales: 9

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes

File Formats

DDS .dds
LUA .lua
WAV .wav
DirectX .x


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