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Add radiation to your game similar to games like Fallout. This product contains 3 scripts:

radiation.lua - Radiation Display
radiationzone.lua - Radiation Zone
radiationcurezone.lua - Cure Radiation in Zone
radiationcure.lua - Cure Radiation Item

radiation.lua will display text on the screen showing how much radiation the player has been exposed to.

radiationzone.lua will apply radiation to the player if he/she is standing inside the trigger zone of which this script is applied to.

radiationcurezone.lua will heal the players radiation levels for as long as the player is standing within the trigger zone area, of which this script is applied to.

When your radiation levels reach 100% the player will be injured by 1 point in intervals until he can recover from radiation poisoning.

You can also add a sound effect to soundset0.

radiationcurezone.lua will heal the players radiation levels by 15 points when collected. Apply this to a dynamic entity.


green rads radiation radioactive fallout

Product Details

Artist: Teabone
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Interaction
Number of Objects: 4
Number of Sales: 9

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes

File Formats

LUA .lua


30th Aug '19 13:02
Tried and tested , works well and would look great in any sci fi game especially if you add a radiation sound effect .
Teabone Artist
22nd Aug '19 04:19
Another addition, radiationcure.lua. You can apply this script to any collectible item if you wish to make an item that cures radiation.
Teabone Artist
22nd Aug '19 01:30
You can now control the intervals better by opening up the script and increasing or decreasing radiation_intervals in the radiationinzone script. This is especially handy for those that don't want the sound effect in soundset0 to play too quickly.
21st Aug '19 19:00
cool script.

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