Animated chainsaw-wielding NPC.  Follows waypoints, or wanders around within a certain distance of spawn point (controlled by range[e] variable on line 54 of the chainsaw.lua script).  Script makes provision for two sounds - a chainsaw idle sound, and a chainsaw attack sound.  Name your sounds chainsaw idle.ogg, and chainsaw.ogg, and place in the files-audiobank-misc folder.  If you want your sounds to have different names, change the name and, if necessary, file path in the 'chainsaw npc.fpe' file, or change these in the editor.



Product Details

Artist: Gtox
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Characters
Number of Sales: 3

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes

File Formats

DDS .dds
DirectX .x


6th Aug '19 00:56
@Corrosion goddamn it, i contacted the author to make a Cry of Fear NPC, and i told him about the sawrunner, you beat me to it, here's a medal.
gtox Artist
18th Feb '19 05:58
Yes, this was based on the sawrunner character from Cry of Fear, done as a request - I made it different enough to avoid copyright issues :)
17th Feb '19 18:35
Cry of fear anyone?

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