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Let’s take a look at this pictures!

This package contains more than 200 each separated, and cropped PNG pictures with various graphic styles. All the sprites are in top-down view, which is one of the best way for any strategy-like game. For example: you can use this asset in your space game, land based game, or tower defense. Unlimited possibility to use this asset.

There are more types of sprites. For example: stand alone versions, different permutations, and upgrade progressions. The air units are mostly science-fiction based, but you can find there existing ones too.

Every file has a unique name which mostly describes the current unit. And there is also the size information in the file name, separated with underscores.

I was really trying to make this pack very user-friendly, and game-ready.
The most frequently used size is around 100 and 200 pixels.

Basically I made these graphics to me for my own games earlier I’ve been never finished. Now I’ve been decided to collect them to one place. Here. So this is the perfect time to share with you to make great games.
You can see images of 15 years game developement and design in this asset.
Thank you for reading the description!
I also give you some BONUS sheets. It is included in this asset.
Finally, you get 200+ Unique Game Units, and some more very useful, various spritesheets.


units strategy starcraft spacecraft shoot em up space airplane top-down aircraft topdown

Product Details

Artist: GameSupply
Category: Sprite Sheets
Sub Category: Vehicles
Number of Objects: 200
Sales: 0

Engine Support

AppGameKit Yes
Unity Yes
Other Engines Yes

The seller has indicated they have provided files to support other additional engines. Check file formats for support in your engine.

File Formats

PNG .png


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