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These new space skies represent the highest possible quality for GameGuru, 4k resolution skies with highly detailed models. 
WARNING: While these skies are an extremely high graphical quality they consume a fair amount of memory to use.  On average it will vary around 256 mb for the sky.

The foreign planet peeks through the void of a nearby nebula, guiding wary travelers to it's comforting embrace.  It's a frozen gas giant, caught in deep space in a dead zone between stars. The sky has a series of point stars, a tri-colored nebula, and a nearby gas giant that peeks through the void.  One could use this skybox in another engine but it would require refitting for said engines.

These skies are suitable for Science Fiction genres, alien planets, space simulators and more. 


nebula sci-fi 4k high definition skybox skycube gas giant void planet sky

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Artist: Bolt Action Gaming
Category: Skyboxes
Number of Sales: 0

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes

File Formats

DDS .dds
DirectX .x


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