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These new space skies represent the highest possible quality for GameGuru, 4k resolution skies with highly detailed models. 
WARNING: While these skies are an extremely high graphical quality they consume a fair amount of memory to use.  On average it will vary between 64 and 256 mb for the sky.

Planet Icarus is so named as it is a planet that flew too close to a distant sun, scorching it's surface of any viable life.  The planet is a hot, desert planet with a thin atmosphere. It's covered in dust storms.  Nearby a bright sun is visible, purple and red nebulae and a large spiral arm galaxy looms in the distance.

These skies are suitable for Science Fiction genres, alien planets, space simulators and more. 


sci-fi space skies sky skycube 3d gameguru high definition def resolution res 4k quality moon planet ring nebula galaxy

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Artist: Bolt Action Gaming
Category: Skyboxes
Number of Sales: 0

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GameGuru Yes

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DDS .dds
DirectX .x


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