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These new space skies represent the highest possible quality for GameGuru, 4k resolution skies with highly detailed models. 
WARNING: While these skies are an extremely high graphical quality they consume a fair amount of memory to use.  On average it will vary between 64 and 256 mb for the sky.

This quiet sky is dominated by a large, icebound planet that's been battered by thousands of meteors over it's long tenure in the void. There are a few other landmarks as well; a few moons and asteroids float about in the distance.  A sea of stars marks the night. This pack freebie is only available via the 'bonus pack' or the 4k HD skies pack.  It's given as a thank-you for purchasing my products.

These skies are suitable for Science Fiction genres, alien planets, space simulators and more. 


resolution 4k space skies pack freebie ice planet void hd high definition quality

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Artist: Bolt Action Gaming
Category: Skyboxes
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GameGuru Yes

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