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Only one LUA script file:

- It can replace the old one and display a new hud on your game.
- Displays a life bar animate with also a% of your current life.
- At less than 30% of life a red message danger appears to score your health.
- Also displays the ammo remaining on your weapons.

Use :
The script "new_hud.lua" is to be placed in an asset object with option no static mode


display ammo weapon lua action life survival game hud

Product Details

Artist: djpulsion
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Huds
Sales: 26

Engine Support

GameGuru Classic Yes

File Formats

LUA .lua


17th Nov '19 00:29
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the script has several bugs.. firstly when placed "as is" the player default health(100) is not correctly displayed, and need to be set to 200 to script works fine, i managed to fix it but another weird bug is that like Crynex tried to say..when player pickup and health item the hud disappear ... i contacted the author but without reply... cool idea but bad implementation... Corrosion,Acid and Teabone scripts are on different level...and awesome support..this not..
21st Oct '19 23:15
I made an overheal prevention script, but you might want to try explaining a bit better your issue because it's hard to understand a bit. Hopefully you get it fixed
8th Aug '19 21:05
This user owns this product

i have a problem with the script when i live a collect and it has more than 100% is it invisible can you help me i also want to be able to go over 100%?

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