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Hypnotic 2 

This track starts off by sounding very ominous. Metallic sweeping synth intro, followed by very slow panning bass ARP pattern. Metallic sweeps continue throughout the track. 

Filter changes bring out the power of the ARP pattern, very brooding track this one. 

High quality .ogg file.

Works in Game Guru, AGK2 and AGK-Studio. 


music audio ambient synth hypnotic slow ominous horror

Product Details

Artist: Tarkus1971
Category: Music
Sub Category: Ambient
Sales: 0
Track Length: 0:06:48
Bit Depth: 16
Sample Rate: 44k
Format: ogg
Track Loop: Yes

Engine Support

GameGuru Classic Yes
AppGameKit Yes

File Formats

OGG .ogg


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