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Please Note that this Package is for Unity

“Lights, Cameras & Action”
allows you to build any sort of film, movie or television set that you desire. Featuring a large collection of both contemporary and vintage film equipment, the included assets allow the depiction of everything from a small indie-film set to sprawling stage lighting to a large Hollywood blockbuster production.

In addition to cameras and lighting fixtures, this package includes a variety of stands, tripods, apple-boxes, sandbags, grip equipment such as reflectors and diffusers, and trusses for hanging lights and building larger structures.   Most assets are included in both static / pre-posed and animatable versions. In addition, most of the included lights and cameras include one or more set of alternate materials to
further increase the sense of movie sets filled with diverse equipment.  

A variety of demo scenes are included to showcase various configurations that the equipment can be arranged in, based on real world setups. 

Light Types
  • Standard Fresnels 
  • Fictional 1950s “Bumblebee” Fresnel
  • Fictional 1950s “Ladybug” Fresnel
  • Boxy Fresnels
  • Cheap Reflector Fixtures
  • Cheap Soft Light Fixtures
  • Cheap Reflectors with Umbrellas
  • Fluorescent Fixtures
  • Fluorescent Softlights 
  • Fresnel Array Fixtures
  • Modern LED Light Fixtures
  • LED Array Fixtures
  • Professional Soft Lights
  • Vintage 20k / 15k Tungsten Lights
  • Vintage 200watt Tungsten Lights
  • PAR Style Spotlights
  • PAR Style Spotlights Modern / Digital

Auxiliary Equipment Types
  • Apple Boxes
  • Trusses (Various Sizes / Configurations)
  • Circular Reflectors
  • Clamps
  • Traditional Clapboards
  • Modern Clapboards
  • Vintage Lenses
  • Modern Lens
  • Cucoloris (Flag)
  • Director’s Chairs / Talent Chairs
  • Traditional Director’s Megaphone
  • Scrims / Diffusers
  • Grip Stands
  • Matte Boxes
  • Sandbags
  • Greenscreen & Bluescreen Seamless
  • Barndoors
  • Umbrellas


studio beam stage light stage truss rigging rig hollywood film production production set movie camera film set movie set cinema lightings light camera movie film spotlight

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Artist: Mad Lobster Workshop
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Scenery
Number of Objects: 300
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Unity Yes

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24th Jul '19 11:40
Quite Amazing!

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