It is a magical weapon. It will be charged, when the player hands the electricity. It will be an electrico bomb with the high voltage (flow) and kills all of the creatures nearby. It is very effective especially against fantastical creatures such as ghosts.Recommended for you to use in long range. In close combat it will be harmfull to the player as well.This model comes up with two scripts.
weapon_electricity1.lua :Suitable for the long range, the player carries the energy hand on his side.
weapon_electricity2.lua :If the player stays close to the energy hand, the player heals (the health will be generated) Partially suitable for the close combat. The energy hand holds still, it can not be carried.


weapon hand magical hand magic

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Artist: Erart
Category: Weapons
Sales: 6

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GameGuru Yes

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24th Sep '19 17:28
I have a friend working in Unity who would *love* this :)
23rd Sep '19 23:51
cool mate.. and what about the ghost?

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