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If you have ever played a Rainbow Six, Counter Strike series, or any other fps game, quite possibly you had to 
protect, rescue or eliminate a V.I.P. character.

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines VIP as:

"A very important person; a person who is treated better than ordinary people because they are famous or 
influential (= they have a lot of influence) in some way."

In video games, the VIP character can be a good guy or bad guy. So, it's up to you to decide what VIP Male will be 
in your video game project.

It is quite common, including myself, for people to buy animated characters from other people, but after the 
purchase, they don't know how to move them around in the game scenario, especially those people who don't know 
much about the type of programming language of the game engine.

With that in mind, the VIP Male character includes several AI Lua Scripts, with application examples of how to use 
each type of VIP character animation on GameGuru, making life easier for those not quite used yet with the Lua 
programming on GameGuru. 

However, you must have at least, a basic knowledge about Lua programming for GameGuru, otherwise you will may not 
understand the AI scripts included.  

VIP Male Character Animations (14 animations)
- Idle
- walking
- Sneaking
- Running
- Running to Stop
- Hands Up and Hands Down
- On the Knees and Knees to Stand Up
- Sitting and Sitting to Stand Up
- Leap for or Jumping to
- Death Forward
- Death Backward

I sincerely hope you may have fun moments with the VIP Male Character, ready for GameGuru game engine in your game 


3d civilian male npc vip very important person gameguru ready animated 3d model v.i.p. male vip male animated 3d civilian male low poly character ai scripts

Product Details

Artist: Northern
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Characters
Number of Sales: 3

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes

File Formats

DDS .dds
DirectX .x


10th Oct '19 22:26
lol - Try make one yourself - then you will see is dirt cheap.
10th Oct '19 20:37
Fantastic looking work here and you even went out of the way to include multiple scripts. Animation cycles look decent.
8th Oct '19 19:27
lotta money for a character....

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