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It is a npc to fill in game level scenes, in video game projects or architecture visualizations, bring out some human life for your projects. 

In general, npc's (a non-player character) is any character in a game which is not controlled by a player, using an ai program. however, in this case,

this simple lua script included with this character, useful for gameguru users only, allows the player/user to control the npc movements in the game level, while testing the five animations of this character.

This script is great for users are not get used to lua script programming for gameguru, because they may control, walking or running around with the npc in their game scenarios without write any code at all, if they do not want to.

All they need to do is click and drag this npc into the level, follow very simple directions about how to control the character in the level and it's done. simple as that. 

Using this script in a normal way, you will have fun moments, hopefully, but if you are using this one in an abnormal manner, trying to find out some kind of bug script, for sure you will also. 

The user/player does not need to be a genius in lua programming to using this 3d model, but it's recommended have some basic knowledge about lua programming is you want to do more with the included script.

This 3d model have five animations: idle - walking — running — sitting and death backward.

With the lua script included with this npc, you will find out, all informations or directions about how to using this character correctly.

****Important note for gameguru users only: (1)if after drag and drop the character into your game scene, it looks like weird colors, some kind of metallic psychedelic lights effect, so, you should need modify the line with: from pbroverride=1 to pbroverride=0 and save it; in the "setup.ini" file in the gameguru folder.

(2) Also you should change the specular property in the properties panel of the character from 100 to 1, otherwise it may appears to be wet or plastic.

That's it for now!

Have fun!


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Product Details

Artist: Northern
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Characters
Sales: 4

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes

File Formats

DDS .dds
LUA .lua
WAV .wav
DirectX .x


Northern Artist
2nd Apr '20 22:05
@ Bleeding me dry entertainment

I'm sorry, but this character was not meant to talk. In the description you may read: This 3d model has five animations: idle - walking — running — sitting and death backward.
The character interaction you have mentioned requires a specific artificial intelligence program to make it happen, and also it is not sold with that character. Thanks!
1st Apr '20 12:32
So, How come there's no talking or a simple Q&A ? Or for that matter interacting with another NPC like her so that both can talk to each other> Kinda like in the original Half-Life ?
Northern Artist
13th Nov '19 01:49
@maiocoimbra69: Great! Thanks a lot!
12th Nov '19 12:20
great job , we need more of this , congrats

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