This 3D Model was meant to be an update of the first BAO KIM - STILL 3D MODEL (or pre posed standing 3D Model), showing improvements over its first version, such as, reduced count polys (Approx. Less 43,20% polys, compared to the first version.), more realistic eyes textures; new clothes and shoes, and better hair texture.
 Now, it is also suitable for close, medium and long distances views, but not for dramatic closing ups views, in your game projects or architectural visualizations.
 Rigged: NOT
 Animated: NOT
 Furthermore, all people that have bought the first BAO KIM - STILL 3D MODEL, will get the BAO KIM 2 - STILL 3D MODEL; FOR FREE, and it is already available to download from TGC Store, together with the BAO KIM - STILL 3D MODEL, first version. Thanks for your support.
Unfortunately the first version, BAO KIM — STILL 3D MODEL no longer will be available for sale in TGC STORE, just the updated version, BAO KIM 2 — STILL or POSED 3D MODEL.


game asset bao kim 2 female 3d model posed 3d model posed female 3d model still gameguru ready low poly count female 3d model character

Product Details

Artist: Northern
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Characters
Sales: 3

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes

File Formats

DDS .dds
DirectX .x


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