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This is a collection of various SF and Cyberpunk themed items.

Included are:
4 different crates
Pipes (3 variations)
E-readers (5 variations)
Standing Consoles (3 variations)
Workbench (closed and open)
Structural items
A syringe (high poly)
A glowing lit
Incubators (2 variations)
A pillar with pipes attached to it
A glowing worn green dragon sign
Heavy duty fluorescent lights
additional light fixtures
4 variations of a fuse box kit
a containment barrel
A set of an industrial plasma injector as a bonus

See screenshots for detailed few of some items!


architectural future scifi cyberpunk industrial incubator stasis syringe ereader tablet machine pipe pillar rust crate structural

Product Details

Artist: Wolf
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Scenery
Number of Objects: 49
Sales: 4

Engine Support

GameGuru Classic Yes
Other Engines Yes

The seller has indicated they have provided files to support other additional engines. Check file formats for support in your engine.

File Formats

DDS .dds
OBJ .obj
DirectX .x


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