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The GameGuru default Hud is considered ugly, clunky, and lackluster to some. Some people would prefer a simple text based Hud.

This script disables the default Hud in the game and adds a simple overlay with text only for health and ammo.

You can easily change the name of your health with a variable in the script so it can say "HP" or "Health" or "Hitpoints" or whatever it is you want it to say. Same goes for the Ammo counter.

Add an entity to your level
Set entity to always running yes and static no
Add corrosion_simple_hud.lua to the script section on the entity
Be forever loved


corrosion hud simple text heads up display

Product Details

Artist: Corrosion
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Huds
Sales: 12

Engine Support

GameGuru Yes

File Formats

LUA .lua


Corrosion Artist
22nd Jan '20 23:34
You can customize the colors as well!

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