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This script allows you to make a dialogue consisting of many pages
1 to 4 custom answers for pages, 3 of which can forward to any other page, the 4th always answers
out of the dialogue.

Please note: In the 16.11.20 update, the default dialog storage folder was changed from "GameGuru / Files / Dialog" to "GameGuru / Files / databank / Dialog".

How to use:
1) Create folder ”Dialog” in ”Game Guru\Files\databank”.
2) Put the folder with the dialogue.
3) GameGuru place NPC.
4) In the Main field, specify the script ”stv233_dialogues.lua”.
5) Name NPC must match the folder name.

How to create dialogue:
For creating dialogs, it is recommended to use a DialogBuilder. (Program DialogBuilder is not part of this product and is not required for its performance. Distributed under GNU GPL)

To create a dialog manually:
1) Create a folder, name it the same as will call NPC.
2) In this folder create a file named ”1.dat” .
3) In this file, write the text that will be displayed as a replica of the NPC.
4) Create a file ”1_1.dat”.
5) Record it 4 player replica, each replica on the new line. If you want any replica is not displayed, enter """".
Remark 4 line is always displayed and outputs from the dialogue.
6) Create a file ”1_2.dat”
7) Enter the names of the pages (See. 10) which will refer to the replicas of the player.
Each name in new line, respectively replicas (See. 3). If you want that remark closed the conversation, specify ”0”.
The 4th line is always ”0”.
8) Create a file ”1_3.dat”
9) set the visibility of the replica of the player: ”0” is not displayed; 1 is displayed; Each parameter on a new line, respectively replicas
(See. 3)
Visibility in line 4 is not specified.
10)Repeat all of step 1 changing the file name to ”[Name].dat” where
[Name] is any sequence of digits.


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Artist: Stv233
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Misc
Sales: 36

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GameGuru Classic Yes

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LUA .lua
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Nice Script, thank you.

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