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Transform your levels with Volumetrix, a pack of over 120 light rays, glows, and halo effects designed for use in Game Guru. Mimic the volumetric lighting effects seen in AAA games with a fraction of the processing power. Crafted to simulate realistic light fall-off, Volumetrix contains shafts of light from doorways and windows, glows from artificial lights, suns, and a selection of 3D lighting effects. These are all brought to life by an innovative new shader that uses distance-based fading to avoid jagged clipping at close proximity, adding another layer of realism to these assets.


light ray beam decal volumetric lighting shaft glow sun effect

Product Details

Artist: AvengingEagle
Category: Decals
Sub Category: Light effects
Number of Objects: 126
Sales: 47

Engine Support

GameGuru Classic Yes

File Formats

DarkBasic Object .dbo
PNG .png


20th Sep '20 19:11
This user owns this product
Simply Amazing.
8th Aug '20 18:26
This user owns this product
7th Jun '20 11:40
This user owns this product
great asset ... bring gg lights to another level
27th May '20 12:40
I will be buying this.
9th May '20 09:27
All issues to do with downloading have now been resolved, thank you for your patience :)
8th May '20 22:13
This user owns this product
Great pack and worth the price
7th May '20 15:10
Some users have reported issues when downloading the pack, only receiving 90 of the 126 items in the pack. We're still trying to source the route cause of this issue. I'd like to reassure users that if you're struggling to get hold of all 126 items in the pack, you can always manually download the whole zip file containing everything from your purchase history. Thanks for your continued support!
7th May '20 08:19
This user owns this product
nice work, thank you for this :)
7th May '20 00:28
This user owns this product
Ive been looking forward to buying this pack since I saw the announcement. It does NOT disappoint. the only downside if how long it will now take me to edit 15 maps to include these brilliant decals
7th May '20 00:21
This user owns this product
Best thing I have ever purchased for GameGuru.
Amazing !!

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