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This is a system for making it look and sound like the player character is breathing. Everything is customizable from the duration between breaths, the visual and audio effects, and so on.

Basically, this script is set to play a random sound effect for a breathe out every 2.5 - 3.5 seconds. Then, a second later, it will play a breathe in sound effect.

Every setting inside tells you what it does and is explained so you can easily personalize/customize how it works.

Audio slot 1 is for the breathe in sound effect, and then slots 2-5 are for breathe out sounds which are randomized. If you don't want a breathe in sound, just leave the first audio slot empty. If you want the breathe out sounds to be less frequent, just change the duration between them or leave some slots empty.

The sounds recommended are the playerloud: breathold for the breathe in sound (first slot) and then use playerloud: breathout and playerloud: breathoutfast for the rest. All of them are in GameGuru by default.

How to use:
1-Place an entity
2-Attach the player_breath_system.lua to the entity
3-Set the entity to always running yes and static no
4-(Optional) Customize the script - Every setting inside tells you what it does and is explained

I included a map file called breathsystemtesting so you can see how I set it up. The green barrel is the entity that I attached the script to.


effect corrosion breathing breathe sound

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Artist: Corrosion
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Huds
Sales: 1

Engine Support

GameGuru Classic Yes

File Formats

LUA .lua


Corrosion Artist
30th Jun '20 02:33
Personally, I don't like the fov change on each breath. I put that in there just if somebody wants that because I have seen that feature in some horror games that I have played. But I do think the breath sound effect system is cool and the vignette the way it increases is pretty neat
Corrosion Artist
29th Jun '20 11:39
Lmao. Yeah I was trying NOT to have it sound like that, but it will either way hahahaha. I was inspired by quake 2. It had a similar player breathing system
29th Jun '20 11:37
Sounds like the players having extremely slow intercourse hehehe
Corrosion Artist
29th Jun '20 03:43
Remember, if you don't like the visual effect, you can easily turn that off. Literally all you do is change a 1 to a 0 inside the script under settings at the top. Or, you can comment out the field of view changes in the script if you still like the vignette effect. (The screen gets slightly darker around the edges when breathing) You can customize every single aspect of the script for your personal needs.

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