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Welcome to the Isometric/3rd person Polygon Dungeon, may you never take a polygon to the knee.

Included is the following items
8 Wall corners
4 Pillars
6 Bridges
83 Floor Pieces
13 Straight wall pieces Wall Pieces
2 Grouped Candles
4 Rune Pillars (Blue Green Yellow and Red)
5 Crypts
2 Cross statues
1 Stone Tile
8 Stone Railings
7 stair sections

Poly Ranges from 100 to 2000
Some polygon faces have been removed for polygon reduction


Product Details

Artist: wizard of id
Category: Entities
Sub Category: Buildings
Number of Objects: 143
Sales: 3

Engine Support

GameGuru Classic Yes
Unity Yes
Other Engines Yes

The seller has indicated they have provided files to support other additional engines. Check file formats for support in your engine.

File Formats

DarkBasic Object .dbo
DDS .dds
DirectX .x


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