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This is a simple modification to the latest version of the gameplayercontrol.lua

It allows you to modify in 4 different ways how you want the red screen and heartbeat system. Both are off by default for simplicity, but towards the top, you can turn them on or leave them as you see fit. There are instructions included within on how to do so for customization.

This is what you will see:
" -- Set each setting to 0 to turn it off or 1 to turn it on
 -- Both are off by default
 -- This is for playing the heartbeat sound whenever the player is wounded
heartbeatsystem = 0
-- This is for making the screen turn red whenever the player is wounded
redscreensystem = 0"

Just replace my version with the current version of the script. You can do so by finding my version in scriptbank\corrosion and moving that to the scriptbank folder.


corrosion hud red screen damage injured

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Artist: Corrosion
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Huds
Number of Objects: 1
Sales: 5

Engine Support

GameGuru Classic Yes

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LUA .lua


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