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This script will display text on the screen, of the status of your ammo in your currently held weapon.

Reload - If your weapon can reload or needs to reload
Reloading - The player is currently reloading a weapon
Out of Ammo - You have run out of ammo and clips
Jammed - Your weapon is jammed

This script must be applied to a dynamic entity with static mode off.
Always active must be on for this script to work.

Modifying the script ammo_status_text.lua located in scriptbank\teabone.

Font Size:
You can change the size of the text by opening ammo_status_text.lua and changing the line "font_size" to any number you'd like between 1 and 4. The default font size is 3.

Text Position:
You can now change the position on the screen by modifying "font_position" variable to any number between 0 and 100 to adjust the height position. The default position is 55.


gun weapon ammo hud display reload

Product Details

Artist: Teabone
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Huds
Sales: 3

Engine Support

GameGuru Classic Yes

File Formats

LUA .lua


Teabone Artist
5th Aug '20 07:14
You can now change the position of the text by modifying the new variable "font_position" within the script. You can also change the font size by changing the "font_size" variable.

Additionally with this update, when you are out of ammo the text will fade between white and red.
3rd Aug '20 16:59
Got it, thanks. Will probably be purchasing a few of your scripts at some point :)
Teabone Artist
1st Aug '20 23:37
Hi Nerf, both are possible by changing only a few values. The color values and position value.
31st Jul '20 23:59
Is there a way for the user to adjust the script to change the out of ammo or jammed text to red (if possible) and move the text to the bottom of the screen so it's less intrusive?

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