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A collection of 7 high quality seamless loops of extremely dark and gritty atmospheric horror tracks. That are useful to build an uneasy, creepy, and surreal atmosphere in your game. While they are mostly designed as futuristic Sci-Fi ambient drones they would work well and not feel out of place in other horror and thriller genres.
All tracks loop seamlessly
Create a sense of danger and fear
Track List

A creepy otherworldly sound. With deep ghostly breathing and large distant thunderous impacts.

-No Escape
A dark industrial sounding drone that conveys a feeling of being trapped. features some distant voices.

-Trapped Souls
Features distant trapped voices with a metallic drone sound and strange sound effects and dissonant strings.

Creates a feeling of a dark desolate wasteland and dessert.

Would be a perfect atmosphere for a Sci-Fi game set on a dark dangerous alien spaceship.

-Dark Future
A resonant futuristic industrial drone.

An intense dark futuristic industrial drone with tons of sounds and effects.


seamless loop drone horror music tension tense creepy futuristic sci-fi texture terror ambient atmospheric industial uneasy ghosts breathing voices trapped darkness haunted sci-fi horror alien survival horror

Product Details

Artist: JustinDeVern
Category: Music
Sub Category: Ambient
Number of Objects: 7
Sales: 1
Track Length: 20:30
Bit Depth: 16
Sample Rate: 44.1
Format: wav
Track Loop: Yes

Engine Support

GameGuru Classic Yes
AppGameKit Yes
Unity Yes
Unreal Yes
Other Engines Yes

The seller has indicated they have provided files to support other additional engines. Check file formats for support in your engine.

File Formats

WAV .wav


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