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KrutoGamer Radio System
Included 1 script, 1 demo map.
KrutoGamer Radio System - you can listen to music and switch radio stations.

kg_radio_system.lua - main script.
  • [1] Add an entity to your level
  • [2] Set its properties: 
    Always active - No
    Static mode - No
  • [3] Specify the script (kg_radio_system.lua) in the main property
  • [4] Add the radio station's audio files to the slots (Sound0, Sound1, Sound2, Sound3, Sound4) using the properties.
  • [5] In the customization section, you can change the names of radio stations and select the default radio station. Open the script with Notepad. Make changes if necessary.

  • In the "mapbank" folder, you will find a demo map named KrutoGamer Radio System.fpm, which shows how everything works.
  • The radio volume changes over a distance. The farther away from the radio, the quieter it sounds. The maximum volume is located next to the radio.
  • You can't use weapons when interacting with the radio.
  • You can't walk when interacting with the radio.
  • Audio files are played in a loop. If the Radio is turned on, the music will always play.
  • To select a radio station, use the number keys on your keyboard, which are located above the letter keys at the top. You can't use the "numpad" to select a radio station.

  • I really hope that everyone will like "KrutoGamer Radio System".

  • Not yet.


krutogamer radio system radio play radio music radio sound radio station radio

Product Details

Artist: KrutoGamer
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Interaction
Number of Objects: 2
Sales: 7

Engine Support

GameGuru Classic Yes

File Formats

LUA .lua


29th Oct '20 16:00
amazing stuff !!

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