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"Wilderness Days: Platform Pack" is a pack of resources for platformer/side scroller games. The following pack contains:

  • Two backgrounds, day and night, including separated layers to create a parallax effect.
  • A character with walking, punching, climbing ladders and sword attack animations.
  • Scenery including trees, bushes, rocks, vines and other stuff.
  • 3 tipes of grass tiles, and variated blocks.
  • A chibi version (smaller) of the same character with the same animations.
  • 3 enemies, a bat, a slime and a snake with movement animations.


sword character enemies platformer side-scroller attack 2d platform pixel art snake

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Artist: Kazzter
Category: 2D Art
Sub Category: Misc
Number of Objects: 286
Sales: 1

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Other Engines Yes

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