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"Platform Pack: Ancient Desert Tileset" is a pack of tiles for platformer/side-scrolling games. The pack contains:
  • 140+ tiles [16x16] including terrain and scenery both desert and pyramid-themed. Those include cacti, palm tree, rocks, vases, water, torches and similar stuff.
  • 2 backgrounds, one of a desert and one of a pyramid, separated in layers to create a parallax effect, and horizontally looped.
You can use these resources in any project, commercial or not. You can modify the files for personal use, but you cannot share them, or upload anywhere else. Giving credit is not mandatory, but I'll appreciate if you do.
The contents of this pack may be updated in the future.
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metroidvania platformer side-scroller pyramid desert tileset pixel art water resources pack

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Artist: Kazzter
Category: 2D Art
Sub Category: Misc
Number of Objects: 144
Sales: 1

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Other Engines Yes

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