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There's a big water supply (the water part isn't contained in the files by itself and you should add water in Unity by yourself) on this map. It's completely compatible with Unity. The map is more likely a terrain, *it does not include any buildings, etc. except trees and grass*. Grass and trees are in the files. I hope it benefits your project.

(In the photos there's a rock that looks completely black. Well, my computer cannot render that far greatly, I mean that thing is not black and it's a rock.)

You should know that when you add the terrain to your Unity project, the textures won't be added by itself. Texture files are included (PNG files) in the folder and you should add textures to your project by yourself. 

You have to add water by yourself to the map in your project.

My computer couldn't export the high-resolution version so the map is low resolution. (Low resolution is better to use in Unity if you don't have a high-performance computer.)

I used GeoVox software to make this map/terrain.
(Folder includes Geovox's original textures. If there's a copyright problem for the textures that I don't know, please contact me and let me remove them from the files.)


lake prefab unity terrain map tree geovox texture nature natural map by parts mountain

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Artist: Forionis
Category: Terrain
Sub Category: Misc
Sales: 1

Engine Support

Unity Yes
Other Engines Yes

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File Formats

Collada .dae
PNG .png


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