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Director Studio is designed so that you can create your own camera actions in your game. This could be full in-game cut-scenes, to security cameras or mission briefings.

Director Studio consists of an Action entity and a wide range of different kinds of Camera entities. These cameras will preform different types of actions associated to positioning, rotation and effects.

For Director Studio to work you will need the Action entity on your map and you'll need at least 1 Camera entity placed on the map.

Once the player comes to close the Action entity, it will attempt to activate the first camera in the sequence.

Now you need to place a camera, or as many cameras as you want, into your scene. There are many different types of camera to choose from that preform different types of actions.

Camera Tilt
Camera Tilt will tilt the view of your camera up or down.

Camera Roll
Camera roll will  tilt the camera on its left side or right side.

Camera Dolly
Camera Dolly move the camera position forward or back while ignoring the angle of which the camera is rotated. This means you could position a camera high up in the air and have it looking down and it will fly by similar to the effect of a drone.

Camera Truck
Camera Truck will move the camera either left or right from the direction it is facing. It is highly recommend that you rotate this object by pressing R or holding SHIFT-R. As this camera does not always accurately respond to adjustments made with the Game Guru Widget rotation.

Camera Jib
Camera Jib is a camera type that will simply rise or lower its position.This type of camera operation is also known as a boom or pedestal.

Camera Zoom
Camera Zoom will zoom the FOV of the camera in or out.

Camera Pan
Camera Pan pan the view of your camera left or right.

Camera Still
A still camera will be fixed in position but will adapt to whatever rotation you give it. It will not move but instead wait till its timer runs out before switching to the next camera.

Each Camera has settings that can be modified within Game Guru's editor. When you place a camera in the map you can click on the camera entity and click properties.

Name: You should rename all cameras to something like "camera1, camera2, camera3, etc" this way you can have the current camera switch to another when it finishes its operations.
Strength: Strength dictates how long the camera will operate before turning off or switch to the next camera. It should be noted that for ever 1000 is equal to 1 second.
Weight: The weight of the camera determines the speed of which the camera either moves, rotates or transitions. If you set weight to a value of 0 it will act as a Still Camera.
If Used: This field is where you would put the name of the next camera to switch too after the current camera has finished its operations
Sounset: If you would like to add a sound for each time a camera switches, you can add a sound file to the soundset 0 slot.

You will need to add the name of your first camera to the "If Used" property of your "Action" entity (it looks like a clapper). Otherwise the system will not function. By default the Action entity will only switch to the first camera until the player has stepped 200 units close to it. You can adjust this radius amount by changing the Strength of the "Action" in its properties.

UPDATE: You can alternatively now use a Trigger Zone to apply the action script camera_action.lua instead of using the Action Entity if you would like to have more control over the area that triggers the camera actions.


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Artist: Teabone
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GameGuru Classic Yes

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10th Jan '21 23:25
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Great product, very easy to use.
10th Jan '21 15:07
Will it work in Game Guru Max? If ya know.
9th Jan '21 22:42
This user owns this product
great asset ..and very useful.... like usually

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