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Cine|Guru is a revolutionary asset and script pack that gives you the tools to create your own in-game cinematics and scripted sequences for Game Guru games. From fully-controllable cameras to actors that move, perform, and speak according to your instructions, Cine|Guru gives you the power to create stunning story sequences, and all without touching barely any code.

Cameras that:
  •  Pan, tilt, and roll
  •  Move in any direction
  •  Smoothly fly along complex nodal paths you create
  •  Zoom in or out
  •  Utilise Perlin noise-based camera shake, available on command, helping you simulate handheld moves or emphasise big impacts
  •  Track any entity in your level
  •  Change your camera's subject during a shot (up to 30 times per shot!)
Actors that:
  •  Move to their marks and hit them every time!
  •  Animate, and talk according to text files you create
  •  Teleport or vanish on command
  •  Switch back into NPCs and enemies after your cinematic is done*
Triggers that:
  •  Trigger a cinematic from a zone
  •  Trigger a cinematic from an entity e.g. a switch
  •  Display static sprites on screen
  •  Loop image sequences on screen
  •  Play or loop a sound effect right on cue
  •  Trigger any entity based on what camera is activated
  •  Brand new vector library to enable smooth camera movements
  •  Music volume commands to raise and lower music when actors are speaking
  •  Subtitles, which can be called in line by line as your actors speak
  •  Rolling credits
  •  Fade in and fade out to black
  •  A comprehensive 49-page instruction manual packed with examples and detailed explanations on every function
  •  3 x example fpm so you can see how various system work first-hand 
* some super basic lua scripting required for this

A collaboration between coding genius AmenMoses and award-winning filmmaker Avenging Eagle, with Cine|Guru we set out to create a pack crammed with features that was simple enough anyone could use, from seasoned filmmakers looking to direct engaging machinima cinematics, to beginners simply wanting to place a security camera in their level. Behind the frankly mind-boggling maths was a desire to create a set of tools to enable anyone, of any skill level, to create and do as much of that creation right in the editor as possible.

What do you actually get in the pack?
  • 18 x brand new lua scripts
  • 12 x Marker entities covering cameras, focal points, triggers, and actors marks
  • 1 x Custom shader
  • 1 x 49-page instruction manual
  • 3 x Demonstration fpm maps

Will it work in Game Guru MAX?

Some aspects of Cine|Guru have been tested in Game Guru MAX and do work but, as MAX is still deep in development, we're currently saying Cine|Guru it isn't supported by MAX. Actors in particular probably won't work as we've yet to get our hands on controls for the animation and lip-syncing systems. Our hope is to release a MAX version of Cine|Guru sometime after V1 of Game Guru MAX releases to the public. Hopefully it will allow for lip-syncing characters.

Where do I install it?

  • The demo fpm maps will only work if you use the store downloader built into Game Guru. If you're having issues, make sure you place:
  • The entities in entitybank\Purchased\AvengingEagle\Cine Guru 
  • The scripts in scriptbank  (there are two scripts that sit in scriptbank, the rest sit in scriptbank\Cine Guru)
  • The audio files in audiobank\stories\Cine Guru
  • The shader in effectsbank\reloaded
  • The example maps in mapbank\Cine Guru
  • The instruction manual can be found in scriptbank\Cine Guru but feel free to copy it somewhere else. We recommend Game Guru\Docs

Will it work in FPSC/Unity/UE4/Godot/any other engine?

No. Not yet, at least. 

Where can I find the manual?
It's in scriptbank\Cine Guru. We recommend you read it thoroughly, Cine|Guru has so many features and the manual breaks down each one and explains how it works in a detailed but accessible way, with plenty of pictures and example diagrams to get you started. There's also an official Discord where you can get help, and share your creations with other Cine-Gurus!

Are you doing any video tutorials?
Yes, but it's going to take a little time to put those together. Stay tuned for more info on that.

V1.3 - 28/02/21
  • Saved games now remember whether a cinematic has been triggered or not so when you load a saved game, you can't trigger a cutscene that has previously been triggered prior to saving.
  • Update to the manual to fix some formatting issues.
V1.2 - 14/02/21
  • Disables flashlight during cutscenes
V1.1 - 05/02/21
  • Bug fix for image trigger script
  • Dynamic LUA functionality added to Cine-trigger entities and zones


camera in-game cinematic creator machinima story tool maker script actor animation film video cutscene movie

Product Details

Artist: AvengingEagle
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Number of Objects: 35
Sales: 72

Engine Support

GameGuru Classic Yes

File Formats

DarkBasic Object .dbo
LUA .lua
OGG .ogg
PDF .pdf
PNG .png


31st Jul '21 04:47
This user owns this product
so i bought and downloaded and installed everything (in game guru) but its still not working. could i please have some help
30th Jul '21 23:08
This user owns this product
hello this looks great! its just im still a but confused on how to install it to game guru.
12th Mar '21 22:24
This user owns this product
28th Feb '21 15:07
This user owns this product
Thank you AvengingEagle! It seems that I cannot edit my previous comment but the issue was addressed and solved.
Seems like support is as good as the product itself!
25th Feb '21 08:48
Hi krupar, thank you for drawing our attention to this issue. We are working on some fixes now but it would be super helpful if you could help us test them on your standalone. On the last page of the Cine Guru manual is a link to the Cine Guru Discord server, feel free the join that so we chat more easily. Thanks!
16th Feb '21 20:14
This user owns this product
This is awesome! If I could only just report one bug ;)
When you export to standalone, play the game so you have the cinematic and then save and load the save. For some reason the trigger zone becomes active again and on entering the cinematic starts playing again but the camera starts on the camera endpoint of the first cinematic play. I suggest to use destroy[e] after trigger zone is used. Or maybe this is something else? Please check :D
12th Feb '21 19:11
This user owns this product
this is a must buy. Easy to use with the very well written manual. Love it!
8th Feb '21 19:57
This user owns this product
Able to create great in-game cinematic with this.
30th Jan '21 14:23
This user owns this product
30th Jan '21 14:22
This user owns this product
obviously purchased... great asset ..every gg user should have... thanks Scott and Thanks Chris..
29th Jan '21 15:40
This user owns this product
Simply Incredible !!
Every GameGuru Owner should have this in their Toolbox.
Very easy to get into starting with the basics but it wont be long before your creating fantastic cutscenes and Intros by following the excellent documentation provided.

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