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A simple task list script allows you to create simple tasks, display them, and, using statuses, track their progress. The script has two sublists: "In progress" and "Completed". Tasks are assigned to sublists depending on their status. You can change the assignment of sublists by changing the list of statuses belonging to them. This can be done in the script settings.

Default statuses:
 In progress:
  •   "In progress"
  •   "Successfully"
  •   "Failed"
  •   "Сanceled"

Each status is assigned a color that will display tasks with this status.

All used colors and images can be easily changed in the script settings.
The script also has the ability to display a notification about the change in the status of the task.

Functions for working with the script

CreateTask (name, description, image, status, showNotification)
- Creates a new task.

  • name - Task name (String).
  • description - Descriptions of the task (Array of strings). Default - {}.
  • image - Path to the task image (String). Default - "".
  • status - The status that will be given to the task after creation (String). Default - "Created".
  • showNotification - Whether to show notifications after creating a task (Boolean). Default - false.

SetTaskStatus (task, status, showNotification)
- Changes the status of the task.

  • task - The name of the task to which the status should be set (String).
  • status - The status that will be given to the task (String). Default -  "Created".
  • showNotification - Whether to show notifications (Boolean). Default - false.

RemoveTask (task)
- Removes the task.

  • task - The name of the task to be deleted (String).

ShowNotification (text, icon, color)
- Displays a notification.

  • text - Notification text (String).
  • icon - Path to the image of the notification icon (String). Default -  Default Icon.
  • color - The color of the text in the notification (Array of numbers in the format {R, G, B}). Default - {255,255,255}.

An example of creating tasks with different parameters is attached to the script, as well as a script for changing the status of a task by a trigger.

Adding a skill tree to a level
To add task list to a level, place any entity on it.  Change the properties of this entity:
·        StaticMode on No
·        AlwaysActive on Yes
·        Main on stv233\task list\tasklist.lua

Default open key - K


task list list task tasks rpg rpg quests quest quests quest

Product Details

Artist: Stv233
Category: GameGuru Scripts
Sub Category: Misc
Sales: 7

Engine Support

GameGuru Classic Yes

File Formats

LUA .lua
PNG .png
WAV .wav


24th Feb '21 14:31
Very clever :D

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