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March 3, 2020: I'm back to work on updating models and will be slowly adding new content over time. Thanks to everyone who continued to support me and promote my items in my absence!
June 9, 2020: Updates are still ongoing. I will not be adding much new content while updates are in progress as I feel I am obligated to customers who have already paid. I want my items to have as much value and lifespan as possible. Also, please note that Yes, I am aware that my website is gone. This is 100% due to the impact of the Covid situation. It is simply taking a long time to remove all links to to the site.

If you have used my assets in a game and would like me to help promote it in some way, send me a link of some kind and I will see what I can do.

Please contact me through the store's messaging system to report any problems you find with my assets. This method gets the quickest results, thanks to email notifications.

Big thanks to anyone and everyone who has supported my efforts here. You can follow along with any news I have at this link: