The following usage agreement applies to all usage of the Game Creator Store, by using a Game Creator Store account you agree to these terms.

  • Game Creator Store reserves the right to revoke access to any purchased assets at any time, if they were obtained via suspected fraudulent activity or as a result of a system fault. We will endeavour to offer a refund for all purchases made as a result of a system fault.
  • Upon an asset licence being revoked you must immediately delete all copies of the asset. You must also immediately cease using that asset in any past or future developments, without first obtaining another licence.
  • You agree not to share assets with any other party, this will result in your licence for the asset being revoked without refund. This includes free assets which are still licenced by the Game Creator Store for the licence holders use only.
  • Game Creator Store reserves the right to revoke access to accounts for any reason without warning. If you are banned from any Game Creator Store services, for malicious activity you will not receive a refund for any purchases or store credit.
  • Licences for assets cover the original purchaser only, for teams you must obtain a licence for each team member using the asset or obtain a team licence if available. For large teams or volume licencing please contact customer support we often offer volume licences.
  • Game Creator Store, does not guarantee permanent availability to asset downloads, you should always keep your own copies of purchased assets.

For more information on the specific details relating to GameGuru products please read the GameGuru information page